We can’t even find the right words to tell you both how incredibly stunning the pictures are. We looked through all the photos and video over and over and honestly – we can’t stop looking at them! We’re AMAZED at how much detail your team captured and how you all did it. Some of the pictures left us wondering if you guys were levitating, because we have no idea how you got those angles. We knew before that you all were phenomenal, but to see it for ourselves was awesome! We are so completely floored.
It was a breathtaking day for us, but it hasn’t looked as beautiful as it does through your eyes, and through your lens.
I would like to thank each member of “Blessings” for the amazing work. You simply made my day. Its been a wonderful experience. Keep it up 🙂

Aritra & Nibedita

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Blessings – The Wedding FotoMakers especially Partha and Aniket for capturing the very best of us and thus making this day really special for us. Probably no one could have portrayed that rejoice as you guys did. Thanks from the core of our heart and wishing you guys the best for the future. You guys are the best!! 🙂

Aratrika & Agnish

“Blessings” you guys are not the ‘Fotomaker’..you are “Dreammaker”..
Our dreams came true through your lens…
Our special moments became so special through your effort and dedication.
Years and years after when we recall about our special moments of life your creation will help us..
So lots of thanks to the creative,magical team BLESSINGS…
Special thanks to Partha Dam, Aniket Mukherjee,& Biddyut Goswami…
Your well wisher me and Piu ..

Arijit & Piu

Team Blessings – The Wedding FotoMakers You guys were wonderful. Thanks for freezing these special moments for lifetime. Will cherish looking at the photos and videos to relive the two days. Thanks for your sincere efforts, professionalism and warm gestures throughout. Wish you the very best.

Tithi & Shubhajit

With all the compliments I got thank you Team Blessings for making me look so beautiful and capturing life’s best moments so beautifully.. Will be treasured for life!!!

Priyanka & Debershi