Meet our team who create the stunning films & photographs. Together we are “Blessings- The Wedding fotomakers”

Founder & Chief Photographer

Partha Dam

I am just another example of few people who are fortunate enough to make there passion as there profession. I think photography is in my vein but I started professionally as a photo journalist. Apart from that I do street photography which make me closer to the people .
I am the teacher of my-self. From last 9 years I am working with my heart and soul and trying to improve myself each day with honesty and sincerity . I feel the beauty is drowned in the raw emotions so I give extra effort to get best candid. I found my love in wedding photography because this is the place where so many emotions present together.
Every couple has an unique story with an inimitable chemistry which inspires me to think from a different prospective and make an innovative work. So after a long time hardship me with my team found our own company where we make your wedding day more special by making your memories beautiful for lifelong.

Blessings- The Wedding fotomakers

Founder, Photographer & Chief-DOP

Aniket Mukherjee

I wasn’t born to be a Photographer, but I die to be. Painting is my childhood love, so after completing my graduation, I completed my Diploma in Digital Photography & I pursue that as my profession now. And now I paint my canvas with my camera. Apart from Travel photography, I love to shoot the essence of  love stories & enhance them to portrait it as a long lasting memories. So now, here comes the team Blessings. we are growing & achieving day by day with the love & support from you people. The journey is just begin, long way to go with my team.


In a seminar, few words of Mr. Raghu Rai touched my passion “I put my heart on my sensor so that my sensor can also beat” and I try to put my soul into my Photography.

Co-founder & Photographer

Biddyut Goswami

I’m a professional photographer having an experience of two and a half years. From fashion to wild life, from weddings to the sanity of nature, I passionately capture the moments.
We’re here with a promise to make the most special day of your life more beautiful through capturing your most special moments with our camera.

Chief Creative Director

Arnab Dutta

Photography is my passion, but now it’s my profession .. I started photography, 5 years ago in everyday life and nature. Today, after 5 years, I am constantly learning many things. When I was photographed on my childhood drawing canvas, today it is bigger than the picture on the canvas of the mind and drawing with the eyes. I love colors, daily life, wild life also I love photographing weddings, especially the spontaneous moments at weddings. I believe its is these moments that really characterise a wedding. Many dreams about photography, and want to stay the rest of the life with many creativity. There are many more things to say in the picture, maybe a lot will be said and the rest will be left over.

At the end, one thing to say, “The whole life is a Photography and our valuable memory of it is like black Negatives”. Then its importance is very much important for your Mind.